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DroidCatcher 2.1.1 released

Unfortunately the last DroidCatcher release, while fixing a few issues, introduced a major bug.  The player screen would occasionally freeze up, forcing users to take drastic actions to reset the app.  I’ve spent the last two days fixing this and a few other obscure bugs.  I’m also proud to say that I’ve also got the Alex Jones

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DroidCatcher 2.1 released

In a prior release I modified the service code in an attempt to make the applications more battery friendly, but I inadvertently changed the way playback state was persisted to the disk.  This was a major bug, that resulted in the playstate not being saved at the appropriate times, so when you restarted a podcast,

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Winding up April

I’m preparing the next release of DroidCatcher, and if you’re running the most recent version of  Survive you’re getting a sneak peek at it.  It’s primarily a bug fix release, but I did manage to reduce the install size greatly.   By converting all the background images from PNG to JPG, the app sizes shrunk

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DroidCatcher permissions

Every now and then I get a nasty review or email citing the permissions of one of the DroidCatcher branded apps.  I thought it would be worth some time to go through each of them ( currently 8 ) and explain a little about why each is needed. android.permission.INTERNET – This should be obvious, but

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Survive 1.31 and Starcast 1.19 released

Two more releases, bringing both apps up to date on the latest DroidCatcher platform. Starcast 1.19  && Survive 1.31 Seek Button Improvements : tapping the seek buttons will now instant skip 30 seconds, long press behavior remains the same. Background Service Improvements : The background services should now shut themselves down after idling for a small amount of

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The Complete Alex Jones, emergency release 1.16

The Alex Jones RSS feed is currently broken!  If you visit the itunes podcast page you’ll see the dates are all set to the current date :     Because of this, I had to cobble together a workaround and release it with very little testing!  Look for version 1.16 on Google play. I’m hoping that the

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