Winding up April

I’m preparing the next release of DroidCatcher, and if you’re running the most recent version of  Survive you’re getting a sneak peek at it.  It’s primarily a bug fix release, but I did manage to reduce the install size greatly.   By converting all the background images from PNG to JPG, the app sizes shrunk 30-50%. Pretty nice what a little compression can do. I was really hoping to get a full blown release out for all the DroidCatcher apps (including a brand spanking new one), but I’m still trying to iron out some issues. I’d like to start on some new projects, so I’m spending a lot of time trying to ensure it’s going to be solid release.

Android’s MediaPlayer class has always been a huge pain in the ass.  It has undocumented race conditions, throws exceptions when it shouldn’t according to the documentation.  It’s just miserable to work with.  I haven’t done any development for ICS yet, and I’m hopeful that they’ve improved things somewhat.

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